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Fortification of drinking water is a key trend driving the nutritional value of water and in turn the demand for bottled water. Manufacturers to enjoy a price premium in this commoditized market are fortifying water with iron and minerals such as Ca, Mg, Fe, and Zn. Fortified mineral water is increasingly becoming the new vehicle for affordable nutrition. Addition of minerals also alters and enhances the taste of water. Given that premiumisation offers a sizable growth opportunity for all types of bottled water, manufacturers are focusing on new product launches, limited edition innovation, brand redesigns and packaging innovation. For instance, in addition to innovation in mineral bioavailability, manufacturers are also procuring water from newer sources like mountain springs; packaging the same in designer bottles; and launching limited editions of unique shapes of can formats. With global warming and climate change resulting in higher number of weather disasters such as floods, hurricanes and droughts, bottled water is growing in importance and prominence as an emergency source of water when access to drinkable tap water is lost. The United States, China and Europe represent large markets worldwide with a combined share of 60% of the market. China also ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 10% over the analysis period supported by factors such as poor quality tap-water, increasing health consciousness among the growing middle class population and rise in international tourism. Read the full report: https://www.reportlinker.com/p05817810/?utm_source=GNW MARKET ANALYSIS, TRENDS, AND FORECASTS, MAY 2 I. INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & REPORT SCOPE An Introduction to Bottled Water Origins of Bottled see this here Water: A Historical Perspective The Course of Bottled Water: From a Rare Novelty to Million-a- Minute Consumption Rate (1600s-2018) Types of Bottled Water Distribution Channels Bottled Water Market: Pure, Safe and Healthy Attributes Sustain Healthy Growth The Thirsty World is an Attractive Market for Bottled Water: Global Municipal Drinking Water Demand (In Billion Cubic Meter (BCM)) PET: The Dominant Type of Packaging for Bottled Water Rising Demand for Clean Water Spurs Bottled Water Market in Developing Economies Global Competitor Market Shares Bottled Water Competitor Market Share Scenario Worldwide (in %): 2019 Select Popular Bottled Water Brands Worldwide Impact of Covid-19 and a Looming Global Recession Bai Brands LLC (USA) Balance Trading Company (Australia) CG Roxane, LLC (USA) Danone S.A.

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